Halil Ibrahim Yenigun

Halil Ibrahim Yenigün is a lecturer at Stanford University’s History, University of California at Berkeley’s Sociology, and San Jose State University’s Political Science departments. He was a visiting-postdoctoral scholar at Stanford’s Abbasi Program in Islamic Studies during 2017-19 academic years. In 2016-17, he was a fellow of Europe in the Middle East—the Middle East in Europe (EUME) at the Forum Transregionale Studien, Berlin. Previously, while living in Turkey, he was dismissed from his assistant professor position at Istanbul Commerce University during the mass academic purges that started in January 2016 after signing the Peace Petition by the Academics for Peace. At the time, he was also a part-time Research Fellow at Sabancı University Istanbul Policy Center’s POMEAS Project (Project on the Middle East and Arab Spring). During his Ph.D. study, he spent 2007-2008 as a research fellow in the Middle Eastern Studies Center at the American University in Cairo (AUC).
Yenigün has published widely and given lectures at several universities in Turkey, US, and Germany as well as occasional interviews to several media sources on Muslim political thought, Islamism, peace activism, and Turkish democracy. His research is on comparative political theory with a specific focus on contemporary Muslim political thought and Islamism, Middle East studies, and Turkish politics. He currently lives in the Bay Area.

Research Interests

  • Political Theory (Political Ontology, Comparative Political Theory, Contemporary Muslim Political Thought, Political Theology, Democratic Theory)
  • Comparative Politics (Turkish and Arab Islamist movements, Democratization, Turkish Politics and Democracy)


Recent Teaching

Recent Positions

Community Service


Turkish (native tongue)
English (fluent, residence and teaching in the U.S.)
Arabic (advanced; year-long intensive language study in Cairo, Egypt).
German (intermediate)
Ottoman Turkish (literate)