I can understand that Washington Post and other liberal media have now the golden opportunity to show the world who MBS truly is -as if reasonable people with a minimum sense of justice and fairness didn’t already know. They can also get back at Trump with this; all understandable. All the details here about MBS’s modus operandi as a rash mobster are helpful but let’s not forget that Saudi was an illegitimate and evil medieval kingdom long before him, and it will remain so even if they can succeed in ousting him, as Erdogan-Qatar axis is playing this game very cleverly. The deceit they are working on these days is as if the source of evil in Saudi is only MBS -a line Khashoggi maintained after his split from MBS due to his Ikhwani leanings.

Let’s also not make a “hero for democracy and freedom” out of Khashoggi either. He’s a victim of the brutal, vicious MBS, in a long line of evil Saudis, including much celebrated Faisal, who was a dear to many Islamists because they were born out of his Muslim World League. He’s a victim, he was oppressed; he was doing a great service to humanity by exposing the true face of a vicious man who was sold to the world as a reformer in a quite fake PR campaign. But it doesn’t make anybody who criticizes MBS a hero for democracy or freedom.

We now know all the more about Khashoggi’s dealings over decades as a regime insider, about his friendship with bin Ladin then, until he and Saudi dynasty split in the 90s, and about his recent affiliations with Turkish officials until his death, who are themselves perpetrators of many crimes against Turkish citizens. Besides, he was working for a regime that killed millions over decades in many Saudi funded or directed conflicts up until his split. I don’t know if he made or expressed any self criticism about his involvement in those evil deeds. I wish and hope he did.

To be honest, we all know that if it weren’t for this clever and elaborate strategy of Turkish regime with the intelligence leak and news management, as well as Khashoggi’s affiliation with the Washington Post, and their common agenda to oust MBS -not that I don’t support it-, the world would speak a lot less about him. After all, nobody is talking about the Bulgarian journalist Viktoria Marinova as if her life matters less than that of Khashoggi.

The world and those media that pursue this matter in the US or in Turkey never spoke about any Saudi atrocities against Yemeni people in such concerned and concerted manner for many years while Saudis were perpetrating them. Saudi atrocities against Yemen didn’t start with MBS for sure. Also, many of these ME pundits who are in this campaign today against him were complicit in Saudi atrocities because they were Saudi allies in “the jihad in Syria.” They knowingly kept silent, or worse they joined the cover-up. I was closely observing how Turkish official channels, TRT and agency, AA, as well as all those proxy media literally reported NOTHING during the Saudi massacres in hospitals, kindergartens, etc. I can give you many examples from those “Sunni alliance” days.

It’s only because a split occurred in this Sunni coalition between Saudi-UAE and Turkey-Qatar that they started reporting on Yemenis’ plight, including Qatari regime’s AlJazeera. Let’s not talk about Khashoggi Affair as if we didn’t know any of these, or the hypocrisy of those who try to make this the world’s biggest issue while millions in Yemen never made it to their timeline or Twitter feeds until MBS kicked off his anti-Ikhwani campaign.

May Khashoggi rest in peace, receive justice for the brutal atrocity he was subjected to. And while we could see on this occasion how worse these evil regimes of the Middle East and Asia could get in their transnational banditry, mob-style governance, whether it is China, Russia, or Turkey, Egypt, let’s take this moment to condemn all the transnational banditry categorically without pretending this started only with MBS or it takes place only in Saudi Arabia. This incident could have been a regular transnational abduction -a normal state of affairs for Turkey-, or execution -as Russia skillfully does in many places, including Turkey against Chechen dissidents-, if it weren’t for MBS’s stupidity and rashness that kept him from playing by the rules of this game.

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